Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spurs and me!

On Father's Day this year I was so excited when I received a ticket to the Vodacom Challenge Final. The reason for my joy.... Spurs!!!!! Yes, my team. They were coming to South Africa to play in the tournament.

I had seen them play before in the very same tournament back in 2007, and had made a trip to White Heart Lane in London (Spurs home ground) back in 2009. Now two years later, Spurs back in SA. Hmmmm, seems like things work in 2 year cycles.... I wonder what could be on the cards in 2013 then???

It was great on the day, as they brought out quite a strong squad, as this was all pre-season stuff for them. I got to see the likes of EPL footballer of the year, Bale, Modric, Crouch and Defoe to name but a few. One never knows when you will have the opportunity to see them play live again, so you just try and soak everything up, as much of it as you can.
I had an awesome day!!!! Thanks to my wife and my boys for an awesome gift and opportunity! I don't think you all know how much I enjoyed it and appreciated it.

Our competition on the day... Orlando Pirates. As for the result... not important.... well maybe because WE WON!!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Wife

The common thread in all the pics above... yip... the glue in our family, the one who is always worried about everyone else before herself, the one who has put up with all of the crap that I

have given her, and it has been a load in the past year! The one who makes sure we are fed, clothed, get to work and school on time . The best Mom that any child could hope for, and I have three children who can bare witness to that!

And I am so proud to call her my wife!


As any 17 year old, Kyle has a mind of his own and knows everything. No... it's not that bad really. He also loves being outdoors, maybe not as much as lying on his bed and reading a book though. One thing that could get him off his bed is tennis. He loves playing tennis. He is also very good with his little brothers.


Adam, the mischievous one in the family!!! As I am typing this post, he has come to me with his remote control car and tells me it's not working. That is because he has cut the wire joining the car to the remote... Need I say more? Adam loves being barefoot and outdoors. He also enjoys his bike, but if there is sand to dig in and play with, then he will be there. The youngest in the family and loves sweets. He could, (or IS living) live on sweets and baby porridge, and the occassional pizza! Stubborn has a whole new meaning.... but he is precious none the least, I mean look at that face.


Devon is in Grade 1 this year and is totally loving school. He loves doing his work and is reading like a real star. Sometimes he drives his Mom and Dad crazy with all the questions about how to spell certain words. That mind is continually working. Swimming and riding his bike are more of his favourite this to do. Once in the water, it is very dificult to get him out... I keep looking for those gills!